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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Arrived in RTP

Finally, I made it to RTP but not without a few headaches. I booked my trip using Travelocity (amazing prices) and before hitting the submit button I called the hotel to get confirmation that it was the correct Wingate, (close to Cisco and has shuttle service) they confirmed so I booked the trip and all seemed well. Flights were with America Airlines and I have to say the experience was good. I arrived in NC and called the hotel for the shuttle service and they informed me that there was no shuttle service and that I had booked with the wrong hotel. What!!! I asked them what can I do about it and they said that I need to call Travelocity and have them look into it. (Travelocity is the customer of the hotel and you (me) are the customer of Travelocity). In a nutshell Travelocity with some coaching (booking with the same hotel chain may have helped) worked some magic and convinced the hotel to credit me back the funds and book me at the correct hotel. Great work Travelocity and Wingate!!!

Studied hard last night and its continuing today, the one thing I have learned through this process is that going for your CCIE no matter how much you study there is always something that you have not seen or learned.

Well I better get back at it

Monday, September 20, 2010

OSPF Superbackbone and Shamlinks

Want to understand more about MPLS-VPN and OSPF superbackbone and shamlinks then check out the link below

Superbackbone and Shamlinks