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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Nexus 7000/5000 SPAN Sessions
SPAN Session Limit - 18

Nexus 1000V
SPAN Session Limit (SPAN and ERSPAN) - 64

Nexus 5000 SPAN Sessions
Can SPAN Ethernet,Fibre Channel,PortChannel,SAN PortChannel,VLAN,VSAN (Virtual Storage Area Network)

Nexus 7000 Example:
Create a SPAN Monitor Port for the Analyzer
(config)#interface ethernet 1/1
(config-if)#switchport monitor

If the system is an IDS/IPS it may required the ability to learn the MAC address of the device. Include the following
(config-if)#switchport monitor ingress learning

Configure Monitor Session 
(config)#monitor session 1
(config-monitor)#source vlan 10 rx
(config-monitor)#source vlan 20 both
(config-monitor)#source vlan 30 tx
(config-monitor)#destination interface ethernet 1/1
(config-monitor)#description SPANNING SESSION 1
(config-monitor)#no shut

You must no shut the monitor session


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